China’s Marriage Rate Plummets As Women Choose To Stay Single Longer

Technology has given us the gift of choice. With apps to manage everything from what type of Thai food we want delivered to which model of car we summon to drive us down the road, the modern world has allowed us to curate our lives to a degree our grandparents would find baffling. So when it comes to sex—where our tastes vary a lot more than they do for take-out or transport—it’s no surprise that a vast global industry has been built around choosing the right mate. Biting at its heels came other imitators and twists on the same format, like Hinge connects you with friends of friends , Bumble women have to message first , and a multitude of options including choosing people according to the size of their Instagram following, their religion and whether or not they went to private school. These apps were born in the US and quickly spread to Europe, but Asia—with a distinct dating behaviour and a different set of social norms and expectations—needed apps that tapped into local culture. In China, this kicked off with Tantan, which operates almost identically to Tinder. But it quickly outclassed its American doppelganger by attracting a significantly higher proportion of users in China, particularly outside of mega-hubs like Beijing and Shanghai. Interestingly, Tantan is very vocal about how focused it is on relationships, rather than casual dating. Yu Wang, the founder of Tantan , says he is solving a societal problem brought about by young Chinese people moving to cities for work, often to places where they have no families or strong friendship circles. Very few young people go to bars and pubs.

Visit Shanghai Marriage Market | What you should know

Exclusive matchmaking in Europe and the US generally follows the same trends. Members of the international clique want to meet someone who has also moved around various countries, speaks multiple languages, and has an open-mindedness and curiosity of the world that echoes their own. Hence why exclusive matchmaking is becoming both popular and necessary. My clients are in contact with thousands of people in their global playground, but crowds create noise…and confusion.

To the untrained eye, there appears to be too much choice.

The Paper has published a data visualization that shows the dating pool at Shanghai’s infamous marriage market at People’s Square in great.

The parents view it as a way to uphold traditional dating for their children, i. Parents will hold signs, or have advertisements dangling from strips or placed on top of umbrellas. This market is an information exchange market. The currency is both the information, but also, of course, the adults who are trying to be married off by their parents. If both sets of parents believe that the matching will be successful, they set up their kids on a blind date, whether they like it or not.

This marriage market is unique as it involves many different kinds of currency, exchanges, sellers and buyers. Often, they will approach any person they see in the park and try to convince them to marry their child. Thus, there is risk involved, especially if time is viewed as a currency.

The Shanghai Marriage Market – An engrossing experience!

Parents of unmarried adults flock to [1] the park every Saturday and Sunday from noon to 5 p. The primary goal of attending the Shanghai marriage market is for parents to find a suitable partner for their child. The standards of finding the right match may be based upon but not limited to age, [1] height, [1] job, [1] income, education, family values, Chinese zodiac sign, [1] and personality. All of this information is written on a piece of paper, which is then hung upon long strings among other parents’ advertisements for their children.

It’s the cosmopolitan dating solution for the elite: Top of the list is The Shanghai Marriage Market, which is held in a park and where parents.

Ooops, it appears you trying to access premium content. Click here to find out more about the TCB platform and what we can offer you, or simply click ‘Become Premium’ to take you straight to the pricing plans. We publish more than 1, news-based lessons each year. That’s up to six new lessons every day – five times more content than any other Chinese news-based graded reader! Instead of pictures and names, parents include details such as salary, weight, hobbies, education, home ownership, and whether their children drink or smoke.

In a city of 24 million, finding the perfect match can seem like looking for a needle in a haystack, so parents take it upon themselves to set their children up, and have a good natter in the process. In China, people have a tendency to marry earlier and parents often say that seeing their children married and grandchildren born is the last responsibility they have in life. That responsibility leads some Chinese parents to the Shanghai Marriage Market to take charge of the mission of finding a spouse for their child.

Marriage Market or Exclusive Matchmaking? East vs West

What do you work as? They come here every weekend, rain or shine, seeking a partner for their grown-up son or daughter. Age, wage, height, education — everyone has a wish list, and they also condense their own child into such a list.

Shanghai Dating Market. Free Service with no. To IMVU is a dating una primera fase de. In my opinion, that is swingers, swinging couples, and adult.

Turns out that this is a typical scene at this particular park every Sunday, when droves of overly concerned parents and marriage attend an adhoc “quizlet market” where they can match-make on economics of their single adult sons and daughters. Ads with photos and vital beijing about their age, education and – link most important – how much salary their children earn are taped onto umbrellas along the park’s winding pathways for all to peruse.

Having never seen anything like this in my life, I took out my camera to capture this unique aspect of Victorian culture, but, in true Shanghai fashion, I was immediately yelled at. My Chinese colleague who came with me managed a few quick shots but was also chased away by some angry seniors. They said they don’t want their children’s information shared on the Internet, which is quite ironic considering that they have ads about their children on full public display.

I found out that many of these overly involved parents don’t even have the permission of their own children to be sharing their photos and info. Upon further inspection, I noticed that most of the single adults being advertised are in their 20s or 30s with stable careers, good educations and decent salaries.

Shanghai marriage market

The market is crowded with the elders, mostly parents, sometimes even grandparents, aunts or other relatives, who have the anxiety of their unmarried offspring. According to the figure investigated by some parents, the number of unmarried females is greater than that of male, and the sex ratio is about So, excellent males are pretty popular in the Marriage Market. Age, zodiac, sign, weight, height, job, education background, personal income or birthplace is always seen.

You may seldom see information about personal hobbies, or appearances. Besides, many parents list several requirements on which kind of mate they would like to choose for their children.

market-oriented China. In October , the Intel Shanghai Communist Party branch helped to or- ganize what was probably the largest speed-dating event in​.

Most people know Hong Kong as an international financial hub , business center, shopping paradise, and tourist destination. However, the region’s identity crisis and resistance to Beijing’s interference are at the heart of the civil unrest in the former British colony. Pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong would like the region to remain different from other Chinese cities.

So is Hong Kong a de facto country or is it truly a part of China? As with many things in Hong Kong, the answer is not clear cut. The relationship between Hong Kong and China is far more complex than most people realize. It involves politics, economics , trade, laws, and, above all, the people. Mainland China and Hong Kong complement each other economically.

However, their political differences remain entrenched. The century-long separation between the People’s Republic of China and Hong Kong created gaps that cannot be easily bridged even if the two are officially one country.

Shanghai Marriage Market – Would You Trust Your Parents to Find Your Lover?

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In Shanghai, People’s Park is more than just a serene spot to play chess and walk fluffy inner-city pups, it’s also the hottest place to find a date.

Of course, parents are picky in choosing mates for their children, who are certainly imbued with supernatural greatness. As a result, parents often post too-demanding achievements, including exorbitant earnings, and exceptional good looks. Needless to say, not everybody finds dates. At the Market, like in traditional Chinese dating cultures, parents often meet each other before the dating couple does.

In quickly modernizing China, traditions are often discarded. Although the market has become hugely popular—drawing more than people each weekend day— most parents have to return, month after month, year after year. In a society where singleness after thirty is hugely stigmatized, the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences estimates that more than 24 million Chinese men will be single in

Shanghai Marriage Market

I ‘ll admit: I went to the marriage market in Shanghai to gawk. My curiosity got the best of me when I heard that there were places all throughout China where parents would gather and put up advertisements for their single children in hopes of pairing them up with a worthy spouse. The market sprung up in Shanghai in as parents noticed that they were all conveniently gathered anyway at People’s Square for dancing and martial arts sessions.

The Shanghai marriage market, visualized. Turns out that this is a typical scene at this particular park every Sunday, when droves of overly concerned parents.

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‘Sugar dating’ website not registered, operating in Shanghai

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Shanghai’s so-called Marriage Market started in when parents began to advertise their beloved children in low-tech, ink-and-paper dating.

I talked to one of them — Mr Zhang, a chatty man in his mids, wrapped in a green coat and sporting a pink umbrella. His son is 26 years old. Here we can meet new people and have more opportunities. His son also speaks English, has a good career, and a valuable Shanghai hukou — a registration card which gives you access to education and healthcare in the city. In traditional Chinese culture, marriage and family are the bedrock of society. Arranged marriages have been illegal in China since the s, but parents find other ways to stay heavily involved in marital decisions.

Mr Zhang insists that with six people involved in a match two sets of parents and the children themselves , success is more likely. Parents say their children are too busy working to find themselves a suitable match without a little help. A quick browse of the umbrellas and I can see why — lots of them have a pretty impressive list of achievements under their belts, from MBAs, to PhDs, to speaking several languages.

Looking China: Age, height, education – looking for love in Shanghai

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