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The Tamdar instrument allows aircraft to sense and report atmospheric conditions automatically as they fly. A satellite transmits the airborne, real-time observations to a ground data center that processes and distributes up-to-date weather information to forecasters, controllers and pilots. The onboard sensor also measures humidity, pressure, wind, icing and turbulence, as well as GPS-derived location, time and altitude data. According to Jay Ladd, the president of AirDat—which makes and supplies the airborne sensor system—regional aircraft are a desirable platform for the sensors because they typically fly below 25, feet and have frequent cycles each day. This application, Ladd said, dramatically increases the number of observations in the lower atmosphere, with the Mesaba experiment contributing daily atmospheric soundings. Contrast this with the data received by a mere 70 weather balloon sites in the continental U. Horizon Air will soon be equipping its regional turboprops with the 6. Ladd added that the package is not limited to the above-mentioned uses because the AirDat system can obtain and process any data flowing over the Arinc busses, in addition to data from the airborne weather sensor. This, he said, makes for a flexible system that can handle almost any data-gathering or data-processing request. All Rights Reserved.

Quelling Cabin Noise in Turboprop Aircraft via Active Control

Cabin noise in turboprop aircraft causes passenger discomfort, airframe fatigue, and employee scheduling constraints due to OSHA standards for exposure to high levels of noise. The noise levels in the cabins of turboprop aircraft are typically 10 to 30 decibels louder than commercial jet noise levels. However, unlike jet noise the turboprop noise spectrum is dominated by a few low frequency tones.

Active structural acoustic control is a method in which the control inputs used to reduce interior noise are applied directly to a vibrating structural acoustic system. The control concept modeled in this work is the application of in-plane force inputs to piezoceramic patches bonded to the wall of a vibrating cylinder.

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University Keywords: turboprop, aircraft design, energy efficiency, FLOPS, Vehicle Licensed content date clauses are applicable: The web site must be password-protected and.

Skip to content. Our Steven F. Udvar-Hazy Center in Virginia has reopened. Get free timed entry passes. The Museum in DC will remain closed. In the U. Air Force announced a requirement for a medium-size logistic and tactical transport aircraft, which resulted in the workhorse Lockheed C Hercules. With Air Force support, Allison designed the T56 turboprop for the C and first flight tested the engine in in the nose of a Boeing B test bed aircraft. The first production installation was on the Lockheed YC , which first flew in August The commercial version of the T56, the , powered the Lockheed Electra L, which entered service with Eastern Airlines in With some models rated in excess of 5, horsepower, the T56 has powered several other large military and commercial aircraft, such as the Lockheed P-3, Convair , Grumman C-2 and E-2, and Aerospace Lines Super Guppy.

In , the U.

Dynamic Aviation

American Eagle is an American brand name for the regional branch of American Airlines , under which six individual regional airlines operate short- and medium-haul feeder flights. American Eagle’s largest hub is Charlotte Douglas International’s Concourse E, which operates over flights per day, making it the largest express flight operation in the world.

Prior to the Airline Deregulation Act in , most major US air carriers had maintained close relationships with independent regional carriers in order to feed passengers from smaller markets into the larger cities, and, in turn, onto the larger legacy carriers. In the post-regulation era, the hub-and-spoke system gained prominence, and in order to feed traffic from smaller markets into these newly established hubs, the major carriers outsourced regional operations to these smaller carriers.

These relationships included the use of code sharing , shared branding , and listing regional partners in the computer reservations systems of the mainline carrier.

This report details the design of the SF turboprop replacement engine for the PT-6 in engine up-to-date with higher component loadings. 2. The difference in A0 and A2 areas is very Series, Reston, VA,

Doomed plane was on autopilot, dropped feet in 5 seconds N. But federal aviation officials insisted Sunday that the planes are just as safe in winter weather as any other aircraft. The seat Q Bombardier aircraft “has an excellent record in icing conditions,” said Laura Brown, a spokeswoman for the Federal Aviation Administration. Continental Flight crashed into a home late Thursday, killing all 49 people aboard the plane and one man on the ground. It went down in light snow and mist just six miles from the Buffalo airport.

The crew had discussed significant ice buildup on their windshield and wings shortly before the crash, according to the NTSB. The crash has raised questions about the safety of small regional aircraft, which have grown in use since the terrorist attacks, when airlines found it economical to substitute smaller aircraft for some routes where they previously had used larger planes. Hall did not return a telephone message seeking comment left by The Associated Press.

Brown said the FAA had no reason so far to act. The flight was operated by Colgan Air of Manassas, Va. NTSB board member Steve Chealander said all planes must meet the same federal safety requirements before they are certified to fly. The answer is no,” he said Sunday. They all play by the same rules. Chealander said the airlines know it’s in their best interest to be safe.

American Eagle (airline brand)

This site uses cookies to offer you a better browsing experience. For more information, please visit our Privacy Policy. Compare Products View Site. View Site. A spacious interior allows those inside to stand and move about the cabin with ease. The high-quality leather seats are extra wide with full reclining capabilities for optimal comfort.

) DATE)) On appeal from the Department of Veterans Affairs of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) Regional Office (RO) in Denver, Colorado. an aircraft with four Allison TA turboprop engines, capable of generating the planes as they taxied into the parking areas, with their engines running.

We have detected that your browser is not JavaScript 1. As a result the site may not display as designed. To enable JavaScript follow these steps on how to enable JavaScript to the browser you are using. Our diverse fleet consists of narrow and wide-body aircraft to provide you with the opportunity to increase your skills and grow your career. You will also have the opportunity to experience a range of different flying into interesting and challenging destinations, such as the regional, short haul international and long haul international route network.

Our fleet comprises of the following aircraft types:. We have had consistent year on year increase in adhoc charters on VAA aircraft, with entertainment industry, corporate events and sports groups being key focus areas. So you could be one of our ATR Pilots or B pilots and possibly have the lucky job of flying one of your favourite bands around the country for their Australian tour! Virgin Australia has an increased focus on charter at executive level, with a number of initiatives in the pipeline.

Growing up we were not wealthy. My Dad was a refugee as a child and did his best providing for us. I had to pay for most of my education and flying post high school, every job I’ve had since I left state school at 16 has been both good and not so good. I am lucky I didn’t pay the ultimate price like a few of my colleagues. Airline flying is not glamorous however being entrusted to pilot one of those large aircraft cannot be described in words.

NASA Turns Regional Airline Turboprops into Flying Weather Stations

Guard units from across the country delivered supplies and evacuated families in support of recovery operations after Hurricane Maria caused widespread damage to the island. Air National Guard photo by Tech. De-Juan Haley. Skip to main content Press Enter. C Factsheet Published March 14,

The th Airlift Wing at McLaughlin Air National Guard Base, transport for airdropping troops and equipment into hostile areas. The initial production model was the CA, with four Allison TA or -9 turboprop engines. To date, the Air Force has taken delivery of 77 CJ aircraft from.

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F.A.A. to Require Ice Detector on a Brazil-Made Turboprop

Contemporary airliners rely on the FMS to automate a wide-variety of tasks, previously performed by navigators and flight engineers. With no manual to be found, users of the new Microsoft Flight Simulator need some help getting started. We are a dedicated commercial and GA airline – therefore don’t have a combat or military wing – no Aircraft Type.

If you wish to add an extra safety fuel amount, chose 45 min instead of 30 min extra fuel in the SimBrief Options. Additional features include the ability to save your plans, random flight generator, server stats, METAR lookup, and much more.

Date Aircraft Itinerary Purpose of trip Personal staff accompanying the Attorney FBI seven-passenger turboprop aircraft Washington, D.C., to Williamsburg, VA.

The Federal Aviation Administration said today that a Brazilian-built turboprop of the type that crashed near Detroit in January was unusually vulnerable to icing and that the agency would require all planes of that model flying in the United States to be fitted with ice-detection equipment. Only last year the agency gave the Brazilian plane, the Embraer EMB, a clean bill of health, after extensive tests of its airworthiness under icy conditions. The tests were conducted after the ice-related crash of another kind of turboprop in Roselawn, Ind.

Then, this Jan. Documents on the Michigan crash that were released last week by the National Transportation Safety Board appeared to rule out propeller failure, which has been the cause of previous EMB crashes, and indicated that the plane had been flying too slowly to stay aloft — which can be a symptom of icing. When those tests were completed, the aviation agency ordered no changes for the EMB other than those it ordered for all turboprops: to require pilots to make visual checks for ice and to avoid flying in icy conditions when possible.

But the F.


Army National Guard Jan. The current lease with the Richmond Airport expires in , and the future of Virginia Army National Guard aviation capability could be at risk without funding for the new facility. Williams, the Adjutant General of Virginia.

(P&WC) PW, PW, PWA, PWB, PW, PWE, PWF, PWG, and PWM turboprop engines. AD required.

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